Planning the way foward :)

I’m a self motivating believer that anything can be made possible, innovation is the coolest thing to do. I always think of myself as a kid, in ways that once I come to an idea of say wanting to go up on space someday or wanting to design my own computer interface, once I’ve got the idea, possibilities are endless. The ideal train of thought is to discipline how a product, building, or fabrication of any sort should out to be used; this is so that people like kids, adults, elders possibly will believe in the power to see whom or whoever the world as a living, sensational, and breathing place to be.

I’m starting with 2 diplomas both from the same private school, to move foward, then I’ll go back to university studies to do design

One thought on “Planning the way foward :)

  1. Please note:
    Having said all of this DOES NOT make me more intelligent than others, but the point of it is that, we are all capable of exceeding of what we have and done in the past , and move onward to a more powerful goal of greater sense of ideas, where we are able to use the potential we are born with, so that some day, we can plan, invest, and contribute to a better tomorrow my friends!!!

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